RK Homes Team

We are a homebuilder that is driven to build homes of uncompromising quality and enduring value with a focus on our customers satisfaction throughout the build process. To achieve this, RK Homes is built on a foundation of inspiring design, exceptional process and commitment to relationship.


Scott Robideau

Scott is a co-founder and General Partner where he focuses on the business side of RK Homes.  Prior to RK Homes Scott framed new homes for a local builder and after college pursued his degree in finance.  Knowing that something was missing, after one year of working in the corporate world Scott left a promising career and returned to what he loved in construction.  Scott was President to S. Robideau Construction Inc., an insurance restoration company that he founded and sold after successfully running for 18 years.  The company was very successful but over the years it had taken my job description so far away from the construction process that I was eager for a change.

Scott is in his sweet spot when exploring new features and the creativity that goes into the development of a new home.  I am very fortunate to be working with a partner who is intelligent, professional, and so well versed in the construction process.  It is very fulfilling to understand each other through common strengths, yet improve our process and product through each other’s individual strengths.  

Scott lives in Andover with his wife Melanie and two children, Chase and Brinn.  Scott is perplexed with the notion that in his mind he thinks he could be an NHL Star, but for some reason his body isn’t as smart as his mind.  You will most likely find Scott on any given weekend working a project in his yard or home that probably didn’t need to be started in the first place.

Torrey Kjelstad

Torrey was raised in Ramsey Mn and attended Anoka High school where he played both soccer and hockey at the varsity levels.

Torrey was introduced to the trades as a framer back in high school. He worked with an older “old school” carpenter during the summer months that didn't believe in pneumatic tools. He was able to only use a circular power saw, everything else was hand nailed from the floors, walls up to the roof. In fact, they didn't even have a forklift on site to move material around, Torrey was the “forklift”.

Torrey enjoyed the framing aspects of the building industry and the camaraderie of the guys in the field however, after about 10 years of framing Torrey realized that he wanted to learn more about the over all process of building beautiful homes and that one day he dreamed of running his own custom home building company.

He was hired as a superintendent for a reputable builder in Edina (Ron Clark Const.) and helped with the supervision/management of a 75 million dollar high rise condominium complex in Edina, Mn. While working at Ron Clark, Torrey had built his own family's 3rd home in Andover. There, he met the General Manager of Hanson Builders (Andover, MN.)

As the months had passed by and they became closer neighbors the Hanson Builders GM asked if Torrey would like to meet Dean Hanson and the staff at Hanson Builders and wondered if I would be interested in moving his employment status closer to home. Torrey went on to meet the Hanson Builders team and felt that it would be a good fit. Torrey became the Project Manager for Hanson Builders for years to come. His daily duties at Hanson Builders was to schedule all of the jobs, meet / negotiate pricing and terms with all vendors along with doing the day to day communication and pricing with the homeowners.

Torrey has been married to his beautiful wife “Shanon” for 24 great year. Torrey and Shanon have a son named Bjorn who had recently graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in the spring box 2014. They enjoy traveling, spending time on their boat in the summer and snowmobiling and skiing in the winter months.

Torrey has a positive attitude (thanks to the author Norman Vincent Peal and the book “ The Power of Positive Thinking”). He also has a great sense of humor, however his wife would sometimes disagree!

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